• Annie Gendreau


The continuous journey.

I learn every day. This is not a cliché I swear. There is just so much to experiment with, so many techniques and so many uses of those techniques. For some I have learned, but for most I have discovered them. Experimenting, always. I feel like it will take years to master one technique, and I love that this is a never ending process. It motivates me to go in the studio, and try something new. An idea engenders another, and the surprise of the result is always so fascinating. Good or bad, this is a learning experience. I love how easy one can learn just by researching a topic, taking workshops and watching videos. The knowledge is there, we just need to be curious. And I love that it is impossible to get the same results as someone else, which is for me, not a source of frustration, but a desire to explore even more. I have tried so many things that are now part of my process, glazing, sanding back, cold wax, collaging are some of them. My aim is to create artworks that are unique and personal, and I feel that, inevitably, this happens with the sum of everything I have explored and the techniques I have made my own.

Studio Thoughts