• Annie Gendreau

Inspiration vs Process

Is it the inspiration first or the process that leads to it?

The main question to an artist is, what is your inspiration? Yes, the common answer is that inspiration is everywhere. But as an abstract artist, if I am inspired by nature, it will be snippets of colors, smell, shapes that I will see so mostly not to represent a specific landscape for instance. At least not as of now…

When I paint green, it doesn't mean grass; when I paint blue, it doesn't mean sky.” -Matisse

The textures that I have photographed or for instance the random alignments of rooftops and architecture details are for me the main sources. It will also be the thoughts and emotions that were felt on that specific day. So inspiration is sometimes a mix of all things in my head, that just want to come out on the canvas. And it evolves, as the painting does over the course of the days it is created. The start of a painting has usually nothing to do with the finished result. And I absolutely love this. Layers over layers of ideas, emotions, visions. My process is everything when I paint, I never look for, or think, of a result. The result needs to come from it. I think it just makes the artwork more personal, authentic.

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