• Annie Gendreau


The art of recycling.

I love found materials, recycling and finding them a new purpose. I always did as long as I remember. On my shelve I have jars of sand collected around the world, from the Moroccan desert to the beaches of Florida and Denmark. Small pieces of palm trees that has fallen off found their way into the artwork above. I have a box of old newspapers and maps from past trips for collage and creating depth. A roll of kitchen paper makes a great circle, a box of cereal makes a perfect medium for a handmaid stencil. An empty ice cream container keeps my hand mixed paint colors usable for later. Sawdust from a wood worker is great to mix in the paint to create texture, as sand is as well. Even my morning coffee finds its way into my work sometimes. I always get excited when I play around with something that creates a great effect, and it is even better when it is with reused materials. It also adds to the story of the artwork...

Studio Thoughts