• Annie Gendreau

The visual Moodboard

A memory collection vs a physical one.

When I start a series of work, I try to have a clear idea of the colors and direction I am taking. To do so, my first step is to create a "memory moodboard", so not a physical one, just images in my mind, so I can be inspired by the colors, textures, memories or thoughts I had when I was in a particular place, rather than by the pictures I took.

Only when the artworks are finished, I look at the pictures and see the similarities, so not the other way around. The last thing I want is to have a picture in front of me, and be too representational. I want to inject some of my imagination, and I really want to create the feeling I had when I walk there, and stopped, and stared.

I created this visual moodboard to illustrate what I had in my mind when I create the collection about my new home town, the medieval city of Memmingen, Germany.

Studio Thoughts