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Annie Gendreau in her art studio, Memmingen, Germany.
Annie Gendreau in her studio, Memmingen, Germany

About me & my process

Born in Quebec, Canada, my career trajectory has spanned across notable global cultural hubs, including Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris, and Munich. Currently, I am established in Memmingen, situated in the picturesque southern region of Germany.

My professional journey is rooted in the high-end fashion industry, where I excelled in creative visual roles, ascending to leadership positions. Parallel to my career, I have nurtured a lifelong dedication to abstract contemporary art. This passion culminated in the middle of 2021, when I made the strategic decision to focus exclusively on my artistry.

Over the years, I have enriched my artistic perspective through extensive education in art, attending classes across Canada, the USA, and Europe. This diverse educational background has been instrumental in refining my unique artistic approach. My experience in the interior design of retail spaces has honed my skills in attention to detail, and an acute understanding of harmony and balance. My objective is to craft art that not only resonates on a personal level but also evokes profound emotional responses.

My work is characterized by its expressive, textural qualities and I often incorporate found materials to achieve a harmonious interplay between concealment and revelation. My creative process is intensely layered, delving into an exploration of shapes, lines, surfaces, and textures. Guided by my emotions, my commitment is to the creation of authentic, unique, and honest artworks.

Distinctly detached from any original image or subject, my art is marked by a spontaneous execution, responding dynamically to the evolving painting. My creations are not bound by conventional motifs but are expressions of raw experience and emotion. I engage in a subconscious, fluid creative process, entering a state of flow where my surroundings fade, immersing myself completely in the act of painting.

In reflecting upon my journey, I am humbled by the opportunities that have come my way. I have had the privilege of showcasing my work in both solo and group exhibitions, experiences that have not only been profoundly enriching but also pivotal in my artistic growth. The recognition of my art in various publications and magazines is a testament to the universal language of art and its power to connect diverse audiences. Additionally, being invited to share my insights and experiences on a podcast has been a gratifying experience, allowing me to connect with listeners and fellow artists on a deeper, more personal level. It is particularly heartening to witness my creations finding homes across continents; my work is now collected and cherished by enthusiasts in Europe, Canada, and the USA. These accomplishments, while deeply fulfilling, serve as continual reminders of the ever-evolving nature of art and my ongoing journey within it.

In Collector's words...

Denim I on easel_edited.jpg

Joseph, USA

"My wife has been following Annie on Instagram for quite some time and we were finally able to purchase three stunning works from her. Throughout the process she was very responsive and answered all of our questions. The payment process couldn't have been easier and she shipped very quickly with superior packing to make sure they arrived safe and sound. Thank you for making our first art purchase an absolute pleasure!."

Exhibitions / Press / Interviews


2024 (coming up)

NEW! Annie Gendreau Art / Atelier & Galerie : Opening February here

Group Exhibition "Neue Horizonte" | Mindelheim, Germany, February 24th - March 3rd

Group Exhibition Galerie Kirstin Köllner  | Memmingen, Germany. January - February



Exhibition Galerie Kirstin Köllner "Advent Calendar" | Memmingen, Germany, December


Installation RAUMGEFÜHL HOCH 4  Showroom | Mietingen, Germany

Group Exhibition CULTIVATE GALLERY | London, "Mixed Tape no.6", Nov 14th - Ongoing

Exhibition Galerie Kirstin Köllner "Beyond the surface" | Memmingen, Germany, October 5th-November 7th

Solo exhibition  Galerie in Kolbehaus VHS | Memmingen, Germany, October 5th-27th

Magazine publication MEMMINGER MONAT |  Memmingen, Germany, October Edition p.5

Interview DKG Podcast on Apple and Spotify, August 1st

Solo Exhibition Der Salon | Mindelheim, Germany, May 2nd - 31st

Press interview / article | Mindelheimer Kurier, Germany, May 7th

Press interview / article | Mindelheimer/Memmingen Zeitung, Germany, May 2nd

Magazine publication MEMMINGER MONAT |  Memmingen, Germany, May Edition

Group Exhibition  | Bad Wörishofen, Germany, April 14th-30th

Solo Exhibition Art in the Box Flyer here | Mindelheim, Germany, April 1st - 29th

Press interview / article | Memminger Kurier, Germany, p.17, March 30th


Group Exhibition "Unterwegs" | Mindelheim, Germany, February 25th - March 5th

Solo Exhibition  BAWA BIO  |  Memmingen, Germany, Ongoing



Magazine publication MEMMINGER MONAT |  Memmingen, Germany, December Edition


Exhibition at graf architekten buro | Memmingen, Germany, October

Solo Exhibition BAWA BIO  |  Memmingen, Germany, Ongoing Group Exhibition "Mixed Tape" CULTIVATE online galerie | London, Ongoing ​ Magazine publication ARTIST TALK MAGAZINE |  London, Issue 21 p.71, September Art Fair Ludwigshafen Bodensee, Germany | September 10-11, Cancelled Group Exhibition "Kunst im alten Ziegelwerk" Old Bricks Factory, Flyer here | Erkheim, Germany, July Group Exhibition "Burst" CULTIVATE online galerie | London, Ongoing Group Exhibition "Deflect" CULTIVATE online galerie | London, Ongoing Magazine publication MEMMINGER MONAT |  Memmingen, Germany , January


Magazine publication ARTIST TALK MAGAZINE |  London, Issue 17 p.102 Virtual Exhibition BLINK GALLERY BERLIN  |  Berlin Art Week, October ​ Blog post publication ARTIST TALK MAGAZINE | October Solo Exhibition BAWA BIO  |   Memmingen, Germany, August - Ongoing Magazine publication ARTIST TALK MAGAZINE |  London, Issue 16 p.86 Group Exhibition "Saturation" CULTIVATE GALLERY | London, 06.2021 - ongoing

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