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A little about me

Growing up in Quebec, Canada, I spent my adult life between Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris and Munich.

I am currently based in Memmingen, in the beautiful south Germany.

I built a career working in the creative visual branch of the high end fashion industry, in leadership positions. My love for making abstract contemporary art has been a life-long passion, and in 2021, I decided to start devoting all my time and energy to it.

My attendance to art classes in Canada, USA and Europe over the years, has contributed to developing my personal approach and perspective. With my experiences in the interior design of retail stores, I have developed an eye for details, harmony, and balance and I am deeply passionate about creating pieces that will resonate with people and hopefully create emotions.


Through expressive and textural work, I sometimes uses found materials collected around the world and carefully chosen to form a balance between the underlying and the exposed.


My intensive process involves multiple layers, where I dive in an exploration of shapes, lines, surfaces and textures. I paint following my emotions and aim to create only honest, genuine and unique piece of art.


Completely detached from an original image or subject, my work is characterized by the spontaneity in the movements and by responding to the painting as it evolves. I do not wish to search for motifs, but only experience and feelings. My work process is not subject to rigid rules and just follows the way of the subconscious, working in a flow state, where everything and everyone around me disappears, I am inside the painting.

AG Portrait studio Memmingen 2022.jpg
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